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Thank you for the article by Robert J. Rowen, MD regarding EWOT, a well recognized health benefit from exercising with oxygen.  The basis of this treatment is very simple….increasing your pulse rate causes increased blood flow and increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to your tissues.  No problem with this statement.

            Dr. Rowen is misleading when he states it is the “pressure” that forces CO into seltzer water – as if breathing O from a bottle creates pressure in the same way  in your body, no way!  You are still only able to pick up the O by the hemoglobin in your blood and that is all you can transport… exercise increases how fast  the hemoglobin circulates and so this is better than being a “couch potato” and the increased pulse rate is what causes the increase of O in your body.  (THIS DOES NOT EVEN compare to pressurizing O in a chamber where even without increased pulse rate the O can be increased up to 2000% in the tissues.  Here physics in the form of Gas Laws come into play.  Hyperbaric (above pressure oxygen) elevates capillary plasma oxygen content, which is proportional to the inspired oxygen pressure.  Boyles Law, Dalton’s Law and Henry’s Law and the Law of Gaseous Diffusion are why HBO is far superior  to simply filling up your hemoglobin and moving them around faster through your body!

            For a chiropractor to tell you, if he or she was so foolish or ignorant, that putting an oxygen tube in your left nostril would oxygenate your left brain is the dumbest statement I can imagine or the most misleading unethical sales job in an attempt to empty your pocket.  If they were properly educated this would be grounds for malpractice based on fraudulently misleading a patient to secure financial gain.  You could get a lawyer and demand a refund based on what you were misled to believe.. not because of harm to your body, but because fraudulent claims.

            There is no way to get O to your brain except thru the blood and its plasma.  If you had only one nostril and no mouth any air getting to your lungs goes to all areas of the brain and other tissues and cannot be directed to one side of the brain or the other without tying off the blood supply to a part of the brain.

            I hope this is plain as can be for you to understand that what you told me about an O tube in one nostril is  pure B.S.  Please feel free to quote me or copy this to whomever has misled you so.





Raymond H. Cralle, RPT

President & CEO

ORCCA Hyperbaric Oxygen Delray Beach, Florida

Cralle Physical Therapy Website Hope Springs Website

            525 NE 3rd Avenue, #107
             Delray Beach, FL 33444




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