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TBI traumatic brain injury

ORCCA Hyperbarics News from CBS Miami - Hyperbaric Oxygen helping our wounded veterans with PTSD/ TBI

Houston soldier says Hyperbaric Oxygen helped lessen PTSD









 The description of “Cellular and Molecular Responses to Brain Injury”reflected in the pdf link is from the authors of Neuroscience, Fourth Edition. While this description may be a little technical for the average reader of my website I would point out the frequent references to “hypoxia” and “changes in oxidative metabolism” because excitotoxicity, (sometimes referred to as the inflammatory response to brain injury), is markedly reduced and often prevented if Oxygen under pressure is provided within a three to four hour window following the injury.
Paul G. Harch, Christopher Kriedt, Keith W. Van Meter and Robert James Sutherland demonstrated that even when brain injury was chronic hyperbaric oxygen at “low-pressure” (1.5 ATA) found improved learning, memory and vascular density in the affected brain areas of rats in their study published in Brain Research in June of 2007.

Of course many investigators have now documented the findings of Richard Neubauer, MD that “old” brain injuries respond to HBO. Not only traumatic brain injuries, but such neurological problems as Autism, Bipolar disorders, addictive brain injuries, etc.

Dr. Harch stated “We have now demonstrated that rats can be treated for chronic traumatic brain injuries just like we’ve treated humans for their brain injuries for the past 21 years.” The military has indicated as many as 300,000 soldiers may have suffered some traumatic brain injury.

The American Association for Health Freedom was quoted “To date U.S. Military medicine has not implemented hyperbaric oxygen as a standard of care, tho some high ranking officers have been able to receive treatment. This latest study should show that it is time that hyperbaric oxygen was available for all who have sacrificed for our country”.

The Swedish armed forces have published a study regarding blast over pressure and brain injury and have restricted the number of rounds per day Swedish personnel can be exposed to. Bleeding in the brain and the meninges and edema or swelling of the brain noted on microscopic examination were not found on imaging studies such as CT or MRI as they do not appear to be specific or sensitive enough to detect mild injury.
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