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Letter from one of our veterans 


Chad Yoder

 hyperbaric oxygen patient

Chad was born a perfectly, healthy child and lived a very active childhood. He was an average student and loved sports. When he was 10, a tragedy took place that forever changed his life and the life of his family.

Chad had been saving moeny for a long time to buy a go cart. I thought a go cart would be much safer than a motorcycle and eventually he was able to buy a used one. The second day of owning his go cart, he was riding at his grandparents house and he was hit by a car and suffered severe head injury along with broken bones, etc. His head injury was severe enough that he had to have his frontal bone removed to allow the brain to swell. Chad was in the hospital for 4 motnhs and during that time he stayed an acute patient along with rehab but never moved to rehab status. We were told that they had doen all they could and we could either put him in an institution or bring him home. Needless to say, we chose to bring our son home. When he came home, he was in a persistent vegetative state with no response of any kind. After much love and attention he started to smile and then eventually he laughed. The first year was a nightmare because Chad was in so much pain. Many nights my wife and I would take turns holding him all night to try and help relax him enough to sleep. We were finally able to persuade the doctors to get pain management involved.

After 2 years, we heard of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) and with the help of church and friends we traveled to Florida to try HBO to see if would help him. While were in Florida, we heard of Ray Cralle and decided to take Chad to see him. We were amazed at the results of Ray's work! He was able to relax Chad's tight muscles in his neck and help with his severe scoliosis. Chad now laughs appropriately, eats pureed food and loves life.

We thank everybody that has helped in the past and pray that God will bless you! We are continuing with therapy as funding is available. THANK YOU!

The Yoder Family 

 Raul Padilla

 near drowning and hyperbaric oxgen


My name is Raul Padilla and this is my story:

At 12 months old I nearly drowned in our family pool and suffered severe brain damage. My family and I thank God every day for my second chance at life. However, my second chance at live has not been easy. My parents were told 2 months after my accident that I had 18 months to live due to progressive scoliosis, but my parents refused to believe it and they refused to give up on me.

Since my accident I have undergone many different therapies and treatments including Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments and stem cells, and because of this my condition has greatly improved, the best improvement though is my brain went from severely damaged to moderately damaged, I no longer have scoliosis, my muscle are more relaxed and I am more alert and interactive with my family.

However not all my therapies and treatments are covered by my insurance, and this has put a great financial burden on my family, I would like to raise $40,000 to $50,000 a year to continue my treatments and I need your help to reach this goal. Any amount you can pledge or contribute is appreciated and a big helps to me and my family and continues my recovery.

I have enclosed a pledge form if you would like to donation to

Hope Springs for RAUL PADILLA and remember this donation is completely tax deductible.

Thank you every one for your love and support, especially to God because without Him this wouldn’t be possible.

With Love

Raulito Padilla

 Rafael Cruz 



Letter from Nannette Cruz
April 23, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

We have been blessed with angels in our life and one of them is Mr. Raymond H. Cralle.  We heard about Mr. Cralle through the parents of a near drowning boy in Maryland on August 2005, and started therapies on September 6, 2005.  After 6 years of trying to find help for our son, Rafael A. Cruz, finally we met Mr. Cralle.

Our son, Rafael, was a healthy 22 months old boy who enjoyed playing with his brother and sisters and was very talented with the drums; till an accident happened on May 18, 1999.  Rafael fell in a swimming pool and near drowned.  As a result of this accident Rafael was diagnosed with severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen and the doctors said he will stay in a persistent vegetative state.  We never accepted this diagnosis and tried to find alternatives for our son.  We have tried different approaches: natural medicine, hyperbaric oxygen, mineral therapy, and a program for parents to help their children with exercises and stimulation.

Rafael never had so many improvements until he started physical therapy with Mr. Cralle.  By the time Rafael started Mr. Cralle therapies, Rafy had a dislocated hip, severe scoliosis and was severely spastic.  It was very hard to position him on the bed because of the “C” shape of his back, it was hard to change his diaper, his arms and hands were so tight and his legs were overextended, in general he was fighting his own body.  After the first therapy we noticed the changes in his tone, he wasn’t that stiff anymore, and during the months that followed he kept getting better and better.

But there was a problem, we couldn’t afford to pay for more therapies, the last one that we paid for was on March 2006.  Thanks to the generosity and dedication of Mr. Cralle, Rafael continues to receive therapies at no charge.  Rafael now a 9 1⁄2 year old is able to control switch activated communication devices, he is aware, his back is straight, he is not stiff anymore, he bends his knees, tracks with his eyes, and is not fighting his own body.

God bless Mr. Cralle, for contributing to Rafael’s Miracle in Progress.

Sincerely, Nanette and Miguel
Proud Parents of Rafael


Letter from James W. - son Ethan diagnosed with Autism:

Our son Ethan, 7 year old boy diagnosed with Autism, had made 40 dives last summer. The staff made us comfortable everyday and always remained flexible and professional. Words used by people close to Ethan since participating in hyperbarics; "He is a completely different child than I saw last year." "Whatever you did, keep doing it", and from Ethan "Can we go see Erika and Ray again Dad?" And we plan to. Thanks to all of you at ORCCA Hyperbarics! We will see you this summer!

Ethan and James W.






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