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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to provide you with information to assure you that Hyperbaric Oxygen is a safe and healthful option for anyone to consider and how it may prove very beneficial to those who may be searching for its medicinal effects.

Oxygen Rescue Care Centers of America, (ORCCA) was founded by our president Raymond H. Cralle’, a Physical Therapist who was introduced to the benefits of Hyperbaric therapy by his long time friend, mentor and pioneering Hyperbaric physician Richard Neubauer, M.D. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cralle and Neubauer worked closely for many years and established the combined benefits of Neuro-Rehabilitation and Hyperbarics. Shortly before Dr. Neubauer’s passing he congratulated Cralle on opening his own Hyperbaric Center as part of his Physical Therapy Practice (link to letter on Cralle website)

Out patient Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) has several advantages over hospital based chambers.
First is the costs, some hospitals charge over $1,500.00 to $2,400.00 per dive and we charge $250 to $500 with the larger charge for difficult, and therefore more time consuming wounds.
Second, extremely contagious wounds and the possibility of “cross contamination” are not part of our out-patient center.
Third, no long waiting list, and no one will be ‘bumped’ to provide care for a more fragile or emergency patient.
Fourth, out patient centers can treat so called, off label conditions or conditions not yet approved by Medicare or other insurance carriers. Brain injuries, near drowning victims, and stroke are conditions that clearly benefit from HBO. Concussive brain injuries, the signature injury of the war in Iraq, are not being treated with HBO by our military and Mr. Cralle has volunteered along with many other out patient centers around the country to help our Vets.

"Drug Interactions with Hyperbaric Oxygenation" K.K. Jain, Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr. Richard Neubauer is quoted “wounds are the bread and butter of HBOT, but brain is the future”. Recently the healing effects of HBO on Brain have been verified by research.
The following is information provided by Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, with permission.

The following indications are approved uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as defined by the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee, Medicare and the FDA. The Committee Report can be purchased directly through the UHMS.

Medicare Approved Indications




Dx Code


Abdominal Actinomycotic infections 039.2
Actinomycotic infections of other specified sites 039.8
Actinomycotic infections of other unspecified sites 039.9
Air embolism 958.0
Air embolism, due to complication of medical care 999.1
Arterial embolism and thrombosis of Iliac artery 444.81
Arterial embolism and thrombosis of arteries of the lower extremity 444.22
Arterial embolism and thrombosis of arteries of the upper extremity 444.21
Aseptic necrosis of bone, head and neck of femur 733.42
Aseptic necrosis of bone, head of humerus 733.41
Aseptic necrosis of bone, Medial femoral condyle 733.43
Aseptic necrosis of bone, other 733.49
Aseptic necrosis of bone, Talus 733.44
Caisson disease (Bends, compressed-air disease, decompression sickness, divers' palsy or paralysis 933.3
Cervicofacial Actinomycotic infectons 039.3
Chronic Osteomyelitis, ankle and foot 730.17
Chronic Osteomyelitis, forearm 730.13
Chronic Osteomyelitis, hand 730.14
Chronic Osteomyelitis, lower leg 730.16
Chronic Osteomyelitis, multiple sites 730.19
Chronic Osteomyelitis, other specified sites 730.18
Chronic Osteomyelitis, pelvic region and thigh 730.15
Chronic Osteomyelitis, shoulder region 730.11
Chronic Osteomyelitis, site unspecified 730.10
Chronic Osteomyelitis, upper arm 730.12
Complications of reattached extremity or body part, unspecified extremity 996.90
Complications of reattached finger(s) 996.93
Complication of reattached foot and toe(s) 996.95
Complications of reattached forearm 996.91
Complications of reattached hand 996.92
Complication of reattached lower extremity, other and unspecified 996.96
Complication of reattached other specifed body part 996.99
Complications of reattached upper extremity, other and unspecified 996.94
Crushing injury to ankle 928.21
Crushing injury to Axillary region 927.02
Crushing injury to elbow 927.11
Crushing injury to foot 928.20
Crushing injury to forearm 927.10
Crushing injury to hands 927.20
Crushing injury to hip 928.01
Crushing injury to knee 928.11
Crushing injury to lower leg 928.10
Crushing injury to multiple sites of lower limb 928.8
Crushing injury to multiple sites (upper extremeties) 927.09
Crushing injury to multipe sites, not elsewhere classified 929.0
Crushing injury to multiple sites of upper limb 927.8
Crushing injury to Scapular region 927.01
Crushing injury to shoulder region 927.00
Crushing injury to thigh 928.00
Crushing injury to toe(s) 928.3
Crushing injury to unspecfied site (lower extremeties) 928.9
Crushing injury to unspecified site (upper extremeties) 927.9
Crushing injury to upper arm 927.03
Crushing injury to wrist 927.21
Cutaneous Actinomycotic infections (Erythrasma-Trichomycosis axillaris) 039.0
Diabetes with peripheral circulatorty disorders(use additional code to identify manifestation -gangrene 785.4, peripheral angiopathy 443.81 250.70
Diabetes with other specified manifestations (use additional code to identify manifestation any associated ulcerations 707.10-707.19 250.83
Diseases of the jaws- Cherubism, Fibrous dysplasia, Latent bone cyst, Osteoradionecrosis, Unilateral condylar hyperplasia or hypoplasia of mandible 526.89
Effects of air pressure, other and unspecified effects of high altitude 993.2
Effects of radiation, unspecified 990

Gas gangrene (Gas bacillus infection or gangrene, Infection by Clostridium, histolyticum, oedematiens, perfringens, spticum, sordellii, malignant edema, myonecrosis clostridial, myositis clostridial)

Injury to Axillary artery 903.01
Injury to Brachial blood vessels 903.1
Injury to common femoral artery 904.0
Injury to Iliac artery 902.53
Injury to Popliteal artery 904.41
Late effects of radiation 909.2
Madura foot Acinomycotic infections 039.4
Mechanical complication due to graft of other tissue, not elsewhere classified (skin graft failure or rejection, excludes failure of artificial skin graft, failure of decellularized allodermis, sloughing of temporary skin allografts or xenografts (pigskin) 996.52
Necrotizing fascititis 728.86
Pulmunary Actinomycotic infections 039.1
Pyoderma gangrenosum 686.01
Pyoderma, other 686.09
Toxic effect of carbon monoxide 986
Toxic effect of Hydrocyanic acid and cyanides 989.0
Toxic effect of Hydrocyanic acid gas 987.7
Ulcer of ankle (to be used with 250.83 as an additional code) 707.13
Ulcer of calf (to be used with 250.83 as an additional code) 707.12
Ulcer of lower limb, unspecified (to be used with 250.83 as additional code) 707.10
Ulcer of heel and midfoot (to be used with 250.83 as an additional code) 707.14
Ulcer of other part of foot (toes) (to be used with 250.83 as an additional code) 707.15
Ulcer of other part of lower limb (to be used with 250.83 as an additonal code) 707.19
Ulcer of thigh,(to be used with 250.83 as additional code) 707.11
Unspecified effect of air pressure 993.9


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