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Excerpt from "Cognitive Neuroscience" The Biology of the Mind, Third Edition. by Michael S. Gazzaniga, Richard B. Ivry, & George M. Mangun pp 542
"They studied 50 patients, performing imaging and neuropsychological analysis within 48 hours of stroke. Because the patients in this study had suffered subcortical strokes, these researchers were able to investigate intact cortex that might be functioning abnormally because the inputs and outputs from that cortex into subcortical white matter were disrupted. The imaging method was different from standard structural MRI or CT. Hillis's team used diffusion-weighted imaging and perfusion-weighted imaging. Diffusion-weighted MRI indexes the rate of water diffusion in tissue, which can be affected by the physiological state of the tissue. Perfusion-weighted MRI provides an index of capillary blood flow. So these methods identified the lesions and the effect of those lesions on the functioning of intact cortex."
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